Aroma Units


With our devices, we offer the right solution for every room.

From 20m² to approx. 600m² units with cold evaporation, hot evaporation and ultra-fine misting are included. There are devices for erecting, devices for hanging and devices for ventilation / air-conditioning systems in our assortment.

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Aroma Tower AT60

Product no.: AT60

Delivery weight: 1.6 kg
Delivery weight: 2.3 kg

Aroma Tower AC100

Product no.: AC101

Delivery weight: 2.5 kg

Aroma Tower AC400

Product no.: AC401

Delivery weight: 10 kg

Light Fragrance Display LDD1800

Product no.: LDD-P1800

Delivery weight: 41.5 kg

Wall mount for AT60

Product no.: WAHA60

Delivery weight: 0.5 kg

Wall mount for ET100

Product no.: WAHA100

Delivery weight: 0.5 kg

Wall mount for AC100

Product no.: WAHA-AC

Delivery weight: 0.9 kg