ASSADOR® Spray 750 ml Set of 18

ASSADOR® Spray 750 ml Set of 18

Product no.: A-2032 3er
ASSADOR® Sprayer - Eliminates unpleasant odors with the power of enzymes and essential oils.

No matter where it smells unpleasant, ASSADOR® in the practical spray bottle is always available. Two to three sprays in the air or on something that smells unpleasant, easily wag and it creates a fresh scent, at the same time the unpleasant odor is neutralized.

Frequent application areas for ASSADOR® sprayers

- Cleaning of sanitary and toilet facilities

- Senior residential and nursing homes

- Hotel rooms, hotel corridors

- Food and kitchen odors

- Animal smells - dogs, cats, small pets, stable smell

- Human muffle odors

- Use in hotels, gyms, schools, household, industry, camping, transport, etc

- Neutralization of malodorous deposits

For direct spraying.

3 boxes of 6 bottles of 750ml each.

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